Thanks very much for taking the time to look at my website; if you would like to leave a comment please use the space provided in the 'CONTACT ME/COMMENTS' section
Regards Stephen

Prints for work leaving present

Hi Stephen I just wanted to thank you for your lovely Peak prints that we gave to a colleague leaving work. I needed all of them within the week of ordering and you were so kind making sure I got them in time. Everyone of the staff loved them as a gift and the receiver did to! You packed them up beautifully so they could be safely flown to Australia. I want to say a massive thank you from all of us for your help and kindness, sorting it in such a strict time scale and packing it flat to be ready to transport! You are a star! Your prints are beautiful and your service 100% I can’t praise you enough! I will be ordering some more soon as they are the perfect gift. Thanks again Allison xx
Allison Baines

Canvas print

Stephen, my canvas has arrived and it looks incredible. It's actually brought a tear to my eye. I absolutely love it and will share it on my fb page. Thank you so much, you've made me a very happy person.
Julie Bembridge

Training day

Hi Stephen
Just wanted to thank you for a very informative and enjoyable photography day which exceeded my expectations. I feel you realised my inexperience and set the pace accordingly. The locations were stunning and I will be revisiting each very shortly. To begin to fully realise the possibilities the Olympus camera can provide has really eased my thoughts about the purchase. Perhaps being guilty of blaming the tools rather than my lack of practice and knowledge. I feel that your guidance in a number of areas ( camera settings, use of lens, tripod and filters ) will ensure an improvement in my images. Thank you.
I watched the sunset over Chatsworth on the way home it was stunning and saddened that the cold prevented staying a little longer.
Kind regards
Heather Robinson

Nottingham and Notts photographic society

Hello Stephen,

The show you put on last night was as I said, a master class and very well put together. Just one slight comment if I may either in that sequence or in the future and that is when you dissolve one image into a later image stack them in unison as one set or maybe two shuddered or juddered during the dissolve. If your camera is on a tripod they will be in perfect registration, until you crop but stack them in your software to get the matching crop.
Just slow the dissolve down a bit and it would enhance the effect a lot.

I will be most surprised if you do not get more requests from other clubs in the federation area when word spreads.

Well done and once again many thanks for a superb evening.

Kind regards
Ian Taylor


Hi there, my pictures have arrived and i can't tell you how pleased i am. They are even more beautiful than i imagined. They are presents for some of my relatives, one of whom doesn't get out much at all, and another who spent her younger days walking, but struggles now. I am hoping that your pictures will bring the best of the Derbyshire landscape to them.
Thank you and happy Christmas.
Ros Jones

NiSi filters tuition

Thank-you so very much Stephen for last night with the tuition on the filters,I have just posted 2 images from last night and I'm over the moon with how they turned out,I so can't wait for my set up to arrive ...Once again thank-you so very,very much ,
Jo Webster

Prints and cards

Hello there, Your wonderful wonderful photos and cards have been delivered here this morning,
Thank you so very much. I'm looking forward to getting them framed.... THANK YOU.
My mum used to live in Grindleford for 25 years and was a volunteer driver of the Bakewell and Eyam Community Transport minibus for much of that time. She died in March and these photos move me deeply. My dad's ashes were scattered at Ladybower Reservoir...
Anyway, it's one enormous thank you. And i may well be back to order more cards now and then (hope that isn't a headache for you...) very best wishes and Kindest regards,
Jenny Howell

nisi filter review and tuition feedback

As an Artist/Photography enthusiast I enjoy exploring new techniques, styles, equipment and love capturing moods and movement. I have had some experience now with the cheaper end of ND filters and I wanted to invest in an upgrade in this field. I got in touch with Stephen Elliott for some advice on the NISI products that I had noticed him using and talking about. I knew about the Lee Filters as being the professional product for capturing long exposures and landscapes but wanted to see what else was out there. Stephen suggested we go for a hands on introduction to get a good feel of how to go about using the NISI filter system. I can’t tell you how useful I found this way of testing out new equipment. I am self taught in all I do and happy to keep exploring in my own way as I feel it develops style and character but what I learnt in just one afternoon I have taken onboard and have found to be hugely beneficial especially in capturing long exposures.

NISI ND Filters
After spending a few weeks with the NISI products I can say that I am very pleased with the results. The design is very nice allowing easy movement of the polarizing filter after setting up multiple ND filters. The products have a good professional build quality. The clip on system for the holder I found tricky at first but with practice the technique comes. On soft gradient filters there is very little colour saturation If any and the polarizing filter is absolutely fantastic. The polarizer alone has upgraded the quality I am capturing now especially in cloud depth and calming glare I dint know was even there when shooting in woods and waters.
On the ten stop I notice a blue colour but haven’t had a problem in post production to get good colours back, plus if you want the image to be black and white this isn’t an issue.
I am very happy with the NISI filter products and would highly recommend people research them further when upgrading or expanding their ND filter range.

I mentioned earlier that I am keen on exploring and learning techniques on my own and coming up with sometimes daft impractical ways of capturing images. This way is exciting and is great for exploring the world around us, however, as someone who is self taught I have skipped on some basics in shooting which became very evident in spending time with a professional such as Stephen Elliott. In just one afternoon I learnt about not just the ND filters we had set out to test but functions on my own equipment I just didn’t use. I now use these functions on most of the shoots I have been on since and have noticed I am coming home with a much higher success rate in regards to light control and image capturing. I would highly recommend the investment in hands on tuition. It feels like turning a page of really useful methods and tips, being able to instantly ask questions with fantastic hands on answers.
It is also great to bounce of the enthusiasm Stephen Elliott brings to photography and leaves you itching to get back out there and explore.


Photgraph has arrived

Just to let you know the picture arrived in mint condition. I will now have it framed and hang it at the top of our stairs so every time I walk past I am reminded of the gorgeous scenery that was the backdrop to so much of my life.
Jean Simpson


Hi Stephen,
I saw your work at the Castleton Visitor Centre yesterday and wanted to offer my congratulations on it. As a photographer myself, I was really impressed with what I saw. I particularly liked the large canvas images. Your compositions are excellent and obviously you don't mind the early mornings to capture the exceptional light as you have done. Would you be OK with me adding a link to your website from my blog page? I'm only just starting and am trying to build my profile and increase my exposure (no pun intended!). You can see my blog at:
Peter Murray

Hathersage In Autumn print

Stunning print,clear & vibrant colours..just Beautiful.
super fast delivery , excellent service. Thank you very much :)
Crissie Colley

NiSi v3 filter holder

I am now a user of the NiSi V3 filter holder system and fully endorse them as top end quality with an amazing unique method of rotating the polariser with graduated filters in place... solved issues I have had
Phil Sproson Photography

Canvas print

Hi Stephen,

Just to let you know that the print has been up for a couple of days now and looks great!
The light and colour are great and the canvas/frame is very good quality.

Adrian West-Samuel

Axholme Camera Club talk

Many, many thanks for braving the Derbyshire weather on Tuesday to give Axholme Camera Club such an enjoyable evening. It was such a delight to see your pictures.

One of our members, who unfortunately couldn't be at the meeting, as he was working nights, goes into your area regularly. I telephoned his wife when I returned home to tell her he had missed a treat. I wouldn't like to have been in their house when she told him as, I know, that the Stephen Elliott evening was one of his 'must see'!!

Thanks again, Stephen.

Kind regards.
Joyce Hooley


On behalf of Clay Cross Photographic Society we would like to thank you for your
excellent lecture on Peak District Light.

Everyone says how interesting and impressive your lovely photographs were. The tips and techniques on how to take them were very welcoming. Everyone enjoyed it and in addition to that impressed. In fact two of our members went out and bought filters on your recommendations.
We look forward to seeing you in the future with another one of your lectures.
May we take the pleasure of thanking you for your time and hard work it is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Tina Barton-Ward
Programme Secretary
Tina Barton-Ward


Hi Stephen
Just to say thanks for an excellent and productive day on Wednesday despite the weather. As you know this followed on from my earlier workshop with you and what you have collectively imparted in a very relaxed, informative and clear approach has been superb. I now feel more confident to go out and get that "shot" and need the location and right conditions. Thanks again.
Keith Weil


Hi Stephen, Just a line to say thank you very much for a most enjoyable day last Thursday in spite of the weather. I Certainly learnt a great deal about what my newish camera could do. I was wondering if you could book us in for a 'Winter Shoot' say sometime in January or February next year - a bit of snow and frost and perhaps that elusive sunrise or sunset. Anyway, let me know what you think and thanks again for a great time.

Best wishes,
Colin Lusby

canvas prints

The 2 canvas prints I ordered arrived today - I can't believe it as I put the order in after speaking to you on Weds, amazing!! They are beautiful and I'm sure my son in law will love them. Your customer service is as excellent as your photography. Thankyou.
Hilary Haggis


Thanks to your site, another oppportunity to view your superb talent following your 41 Club presentation. A lovely tour down walking memory lane although I rarely noted such detail or vibrancy.
Rob Gittins

Photo session Sunday

I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring photo session on Sunday. I learnt so much from you in such inspiring surroundings. I am really pleased with the photos I took and it didn't seem to matter that the sun set never happened!
Helen Mason

Millstone Grit - Rushcliffe Photographic Society

Stephen - Thanks for a great day out shooting and learning with you yesterday. The ND grads were extremely useful - the hard grad was something I'd not used before and will now definitely be adding one to my set!
Jeremy Richings

Owlers Tor - Rushcliffe Photographic Society

Hi Stephen,
Just a quick note to thank you for a great photographic shoot yesterday.
I've just ordered my Hitech 3 stop reverse grad filter - thanks for letting me try yours first. It's pretty obvious from the sunsets i shot yesterday which ones had your filter attached - very pleased. Also thanks for the tips on using the live view screen - I don't think I will be using my old methods again. Hope to see you again in the near future.
Best Regards,
Martin Baskill

One to One Workshop

Hi Stephen
Thank you for the fantastic day this week. Despite the challenging conditions l learnt more in 6 hours with you than I have at three previous residential workshops. You have the ability to explain so very clearly in a relaxed way what we are trying to achieve, how to achieve it and the corrections required: a quality not possessed by many. My object in taking your workshop was to learn from you which hopefully would enable me to move to the next stage in my photography. You have certainly done this and for which I am extremely grateful.
Keith Weil


Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know I received my print today - it is wonderful thank you very much!
Laurie Anthony

Thank you

Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the fantastic workshop yesterday, I learnt so much about composition and using filters that I'm sure will influence me later.
Thank you and kind regards,
Harry Frost

Photography workshop

Stephen thank you for a great day I enjoyed it immensely , I have never been on anything like that before but have been on this planet for great number of years and know a good thing when I see it. What I am saying is you have a great formula with your interaction and shearing your knowledge with other people.It was great meeting you I and look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future.
Peter Scott


Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for an excellent day yesterday, both Peter and I certainly enjoyed it and got a great deal from the exercise both literially and metaphorically. I had about 150 images to download when I got home and I was very please with the way some of them had turned out. I don't know how many Peter got but he certainly enjoyed his day out. Looking at them, I think some of the millstones will be turned into monochromes.

We enjoyed the day so much, we are thinking of booking another session in the Spring, so will contact you again after Christmas if that is OK?
Colin Lusby

Visit To Derby City Photographic Club

Dear Stephen

Following the words of thanks our Vice Chairman, Alan Dawe, gave last night I would, on behalf of all of the Members like to thank you for a most informative presentation with fantastic images. The comments from some members as they left were "dramatic pictures", "stunning landscapes" and the image of the farm emerging from the mist seemed to have stuck in most peoples minds.

So many thanks for coming down to Derby, wishing you all the best.


Gillian Foulds

Assistant Programme Secretary DCPC
Gillian Foulds

Rain and lunch in Hope led me to your stunning work.

On my second visit to Castleton last week, heavy rain scuppered plans, so when it became lighter, my friend and I took a walk into Hope. We stopped for lunch in the tea shop and what a lovely sight welcomed us. Your prints were a delight to see. Having just recently got my first DSLR camera, I have a lot to learn but just wanted to thank you for the fabulous shots of the stunning area we have yet to discover. I googled your name on my return home and found your website. I am truly inspired and thank you so much for that. I am seriously thinking about some expert tuition soon. Thanks again and keep up the stunning work. Fabulous!
Jan Williams

Landscape print

Dear Stephen
The print arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. The colours are fantastic and it looks even more stunning than the photo in the Gallery.
I chose the print as a gift for a friend who we do a lot of walking with in the Peak District and we have done a walk from Peveril Castle, which she led, the colours (greens) will be perfect for her room. I was spoilt for choice and torn, however I will certainly be ordering more from you.

Barbara littlewood

Canvas print

Hi Stephen,
Sorry for late response. On the morning the canvas was due I went into labour and we finally got home yesterday!! Quite hilariously my partner keeps telling me I wouldn't stop going on about it during labour and even tried to get him to go check if it had arrived!! Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's absolutely stunning and we love it do thank you. Ali xx
Alison Shone


Stephen, I have just loaded my photos from yesterday, spent with you, and many are stunning. The best landscape shots I have ever taken.
Your guidance and help was outstanding. From the welcoming cup of coffee and chat about my photographic needs through to standing on Baslow Edge in the late evening the day was perfect. Not only did you take me to three stunning locations but you pitched your help perfectly. I learnt so much from you as well as adding to my birthday list.
I noticed the sun cam out five minutes before sunset!
I have looked at your Dambuster photos and these are very good.
Mant thanks again for a superb day and have a good holiday.
Mike Hinks

Photography tuition day

Hi Stephen,
Just dropping you a mail to thank you for a really enjoyable days photographising! (Gmail is telling me this is not a word, but I choose to ignore it).

Both Bruce and I were absolutely knackered when we got home but still managed to recant some of the tips that we had learnt from you. We looked at the photos the next day on the computer and we were very happy with the results. I think I personally took the best landscape photo I've ever taken!
Malcolm Fisher

We met at Padley Gorge last week

Hi Stephen, We had a quick chat last week when we met at Padley Gorge. I've had a look at your web-site and you have some outstanding images on there - it's a great inspiration in my drive to rediscover the Dark Peak.
Adrian Hazeldine

Canvas print

Hi Stephen,
Just want to say a big thank you for the's now hung in our bedroom and it looks incredible!
I can't wait until my husband gets home and sees it,he'll be thrilled!

Many thanks,
Natalie Wright

Just a hello


I'm just emailing as I came across some of your work in the Blue Apple gallery in Hope and I've never seen so many consistently amazing photographs. I have been taking photos for the last couple of years and am still learning, and it is landscape work like yours that makes me realise just how much I still have to do - so thanks for that!
Anyway, I very much look forward to seeing what else you come out with.
Mat Robinson

Photography tuition

I have once again found a new love for landscapes thanks to you, you have an absolute passion that's is very rare and it was amazing to learn from you and watch you shoot.
Julian Porter

Peak Cottages - Lea Cottage

Hi Stephen
I am writing to thank you for taking such great photographs of my holiday cottage Lea Cottage , Foolow for Peak Cottages I have seen a big increase in bookings and I do feel it is due to your photography . Many thanks
Louise Charles

Been looking at your web site, as I am a Derbyshire Peak Resident, your web site has really inspired me, Lived here most of my life, did not realize how much there is out there in our piece of the World, hope you so not mind I have added you to my web site
Elaine Whitby

Many thanks

Your photography is beautifully evocative - pulls you right in. We lost "bystander" status & became part of it.
Went to see David Hockney exhibition & realised that excellent art just gets better when it's bigger. We become part of his work.
You have the same eye and gift.
bye the bye - Your website is excellent - from every perspective (I've designed websites for 15 years).
Pete & Vanessa Simpson

Thanks Stephen

Hi Stephen
Just wanted to say thanks, Ian and I had a great day with you on Thursday and we both picked up plenty of tips I'm sure we will use in our quest to improve our photography. I have already ordered a sunset and sunrise position compass and a spirit level.
I haven't had much time to process many since Thursday as I have been away all weekend (putting your advice into practice)

I didn't realise how tiring photography was, my wife thought it was very amusing as I staggered up to bed at 9.30 !!!! I just couldn't keep my eyes open, I tried to play it down and blame it on the Derbyshire fresh air but she wasn't having none of it.

Thanks again

Gary Jeavons


I was lucky to get one of your large canvas prints as a Christmas present and would just like to say how much I love it, it looks stunning on my wall and has been admired by everyone that has seen it.
Fantastic images on your website
Jenny Richardson

Rotary Club talk

MANY thanks for giving your splendid illustrated talk to our Rotary Club last night. I know that everyone enjoyed the presentation, and I also know that everyone was impressed with the magnificent landscapes you presented. I’m not so sure that they all understood that there’s more to producing these fabulous images than just pointing the camera and pressing the shutter.

Many many thanks and kindest regards
Ian Ord


On behalf of Sheffield Photographic Society I am writing to thank you for your presentation to the Club last Tuesday. We all found your landscape pictures stunning and your willingness to show your expertise was much appreciated.

Thank you once again on behalf of the Club
Judy Smith - President


Hi, just thought I would stop by and say hello and congratulate you on your outstanding photos. I too share the same "hunting ground" as yourself and I am currently in the process of putting my web site back together after a break.
I am actually quite interested in the idea of some tuition as I feel that in most cases composition lets me down.
Anyway keep up the good work.
Bryn Hughes

Higgar Tor

Hi Stephen,

I came across your images whilst looking for some information on Higgar Tor and thought how well you'd captured the Peak District I know and love. I'm not sure if you're the Stephen Elliott I went to school with donkeys' years ago, but if you are 'Hello' .

Rob Crump

Canvas Print

I found Stephen's service to be exceptional. The quality of the
print is wonderful and really shows off the beautiful landscape, not
to mention Stephen's photographic skills. I brought the picture as a
gift for my mum, so we could remember a special holiday we had in the
peaks, we will cherish it forever. My heartfelt thanks.

Kindest wishes
Ruth Bailey


Hi Stephen,

After meeting on Thursday evening and discussing photography in all it's forms I just wanted to say that I'm actually really impressed with a lot of your images.

Keep up the great work!

Tuition day

Thanks for getting up at 3am on Sunday, the tuition which started with capturing a sunrise from Mam Tor was fantastic, in fact the whole experience was great from the very early morning throughout the whole day.

I learnt amongst many things that grads are the way to go and I have already ordered a set based on what I used on the day, so impatiently waiting for those to arrive through the door. Throughout the day I picked up lots of tips and techniques, moved to shooting in RAW permanently and really got to know how to read the histogram and adjust the camera accordingly.

I would encourage anyone interested in landscape photography to spend a day with Stephen
Phil Sproson

Images in the teashop in Hope

Hi Stephen, I saw your beautiful photographs in Jeremy Stanish's tea shop a couple of days ago as we were ending a week-long hike in the Peaks. Your work is stunning, and I will be in touch soon about buying a couple of prints. Phyllis Austin, Brunswick, Maine USA
Phyllis Austin

Tuition day

Hi Stephen

I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I'm so pleased with some of the images I took, it's probably the most successful photography day I've had.

I picked up some great tips and have a new set of places to visit. I might even manage to get that elusive sunset one day!!

I'll post some images onto flickr later but thanks again.

One last thing, what size were
the grads I was using yesterday? I'm looking to do some internet shopping!


Richard Radford


Stephen a few words of thanks for an outstanding Landscape Photography Workshop for 3 Crazy Ladies. Although we were using a variety of cameras and were of very different standards at the end of the day we all felt you had increased our knowledge and skills in landscape photography and improved our general photography ability and knowledge. Your energy and enthusiasm was infectious and it has renewed my interest in Landscape photography. Thank you again for A Grand Day Out.
Janet Mew


Thank you for taking the time to share this beauty through the eye of your camera lens.

general comment

Just got to your website after looking at the stanage pictures you posted on dpreview Oly slr forum. I'd just like to congratulate you on an excellent site and some stunning gallary images a real inspiration. Maybe one day I'll take you up on one of those courses you offer.
Phill Doorbar


Hello Stephen, really liked your images of Derbyshire. I was born and bred there
( near Chesterfield) and left to work in Ireland forty four years ago. I return for a few days every now and then and your work really brings me back.
Ian Weaver

Dambusters Cards

Hi Stephen,

I've been admiring that card all year! My barber has it pinned to his mirror
and I sneaked a peak at the back of the card last time when he was answering the phone and noticed your your web address.
Love the website - some really great photos !

I'm sure I'll be back for more !
Mike Miller

Photography tuition

Absolutely fab day out with you Stephen, I've learned so much already - and taken pics I never thought I'd ever be capable of - many thanks
Chris Holloway

great pics!!


My name is chris maguire and I'm a photographer from nottingham. I've just found your site whilst looking for peak district images, and yours are fantastic! Great colours and compositions.

I wondered what camera, lenses and filters you are using? If you could let me know that would be great!
chris maguire

2008 lancaster over ladybower

hello stephen, just purchased the above print.It looks superb on my wall and makes me long for " The Dams".[ 23 years living in wales!]
karen evans


Hi there,

Just been browsing some of your photos and as a keen Peak District photographer I know there's not many people out there for me that can portray the Peak District well. However looking through your photos I must say I am impressed, great lighting in every shot....all I can say is I want your luck with the weather!
James Grant

Panoramic Print

Hi Stephen

Just to let you know it arrived today and it is such a beautiful photograph, I cannot wait to give it to my husband. He loves Hathersage because he has fond memories of staying with his grandma their as a child, he will love it. I am even planning to take him there for his birthday. It is now at the picture framers and should be ready in a week.

Thank you for your help and the lovely photograph
Hannah Mossom


We saw your work in a gallery today and were quite stunned by your views of the Peak district especially. Really beautiful - evocative and a real tribute to that magnificent countryside.
Justin Clarke

well done

I just came across your photo website - what a superb collection - I have never commented on anything on the net before - but your images just hit the spot. I especially like the HDR industrial images.
You can certainly see the light!
jerry beggs

Photograph and Cards

I am so excited and absolutely thrilled with the contents of the envelope which has arrived from you in the post today - thank you, so very much!

The photograph fits to perfection within the oak frame which I had already purchased and it complements your photograph so well and the gift I now have ready to give to my friend looks absolutely wonderful.

The cards are also so beautiful and I hope too, that they will bring as much pleasure to those who receive them as it did for you when you took these wonderful photographs.

I do hope that I will be able to come and visit the Peak District and enjoy some of these panoramic views for myself.

Once again, thank you so much for your help and kindness, I appreciate it so much.

Best wishes,
Kathleen Cunningham

Your Photography

Hello Stephen,

Recently I was in Castleton and saw some of your images at the Gift Shop. I was very impressed and must say the quality and clarity was the finest I have ever seen of this type of landscape photography.
I would be most interested to know what type of camera you use and where your enlargements are developed?
I am a maths and science tutor and live in Sheffield. I have taken many landscape photos in and around the Peak District and your work is a great source of inspiration to me.
I am using an Olympus mu 2, Fuji Reala and use Peak Imaging for 9" X 6" prints. I get amazing results for such a humble set up even when enlarged to 18" X 12".
Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You

Your cards are bringing magic into many lives. Sent one as a 'Welcome to Your New Home' and it's been framed and displayed, another has inspired a work colleague to explore Derbyshire (a colleague who travels around the world but didn't know such beauty existed nearby!), and so on.............
Joyce Richardson

Amateur Photographer magazine

After seeing your superb photographs in the Amateur Photographer magazine I found your website and must say you have a truly inspirational set of images, I love your dramatic skies and use of colour, you make the landscape come alive, I've marked your website and will return to enjoy your photography.

Simon Fletcher


I have recently viewed your web site Stephen, of the many great shots you have taken in the Peak District landscape. I spent a week in the Peaks last August 2008. You are so lucky living in such a wonderful array of landscape countryside. I hope to get back again and improve on my photography efforts very soon. You have captured the light, and brought out the wonder of colour in so many of your shots. You have a great eye, and hope I too can improve on my efforts!
Thank you for sharing your pictures.
James Carter

Your talk to U3A last Thursday

Hi Stephen

Many thanks for your talk last Thursday. I have had very good feedback from several members and will attach below one of the comments of appreciation :-) .

I also had a comment from one of the women members saying, "I came hoping that it wouldn't be just another set of holiday snaps. I had just got back my photos from a holiday and was feeling very pleased that I had some very good photos. After the talk, which blew me away, I decided I had better re-think about the quality of my own photos !"

Several members said that they had learned a lot from your talk, which is really what we are about. I certainly learned a lot and will try to put the things you taught us into action. I am certain that they will raise the quality of my pictures.

Many thanks for being willing to share so much of your experience and knowledge. Unfortunately you have set me a very high standard to follow with our future programme - I may need to invite you back again :-)) .

All the best with your future photographic endeavours. I will try to remember to tell our members about your website and I look forward to some improvement in the quality of photos in our monthly Theme display, although i doubt if you have excited people into getting on to Kinder at 7.00 am :-)

Many thanks

Comment from a members email:-

Hi Gren

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed last Thursday's meeting. This was probably the best Digital Group meeting I have attended. Not only were the speakers photos outstanding, but he gave just the right amount of background information on what he was trying to achieve, how he did it and what equipment he used.

Truly inspiring
Gren Morgan

Dambusters photos

Stephen .. your name was passed on to me by a member of the Sheffield Photographic Society. I am originally from Sheffield and have covered much of the ground featured in your Peak District photo galleries. You have some superb photos on display. I am intrigued by the possible location you selected to shoot the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane fly bys. I know the Ladybower, Derwent Reservoir and Howden reservoir road well and was last there in January and July 2008.

My father, a lifetime Sheffield resident and who passed away last January, witnessed the flooding of the small settlements on the eastern side of Ladybower Reservoir when the reservoirs were brought into service.

If by chance you publish a book of any of your Peak District images seen on your web site please let me know. Having paid the site several visits now it's fair to say that they are the most apealling Peak District images I have ever seen.

Best wishes

John Hudson
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
John Hudson

Enjoyed your photos

Just a quick thank you note for the wonderful photos on your website. I live in Dronfield and am trying to raise the quality of my photography. It's fascinating to see so many familiar views that I've tried to shoot myself with varying success, captured by someone else so beautifully! Many thanks for the inspiration to get out there and try harder.
Ken Hardy


I wanted to let you know I have just collected my panoramic print of Derwent/Ladybower from the picture framers and it looks brilliant. This was a present for my husbands 50th birthday and he loves it. I just wanted to say thank you and that we are so pleased with it.
Once again Thankyou

A note of thanks!

Upon our last visit to the peak district, my husband and I treated ourselves to one of your prints. We have been coming to the Peaks every year since we have been together, and my husband a keen climber, has been coming since his teens, some almost 20 years!
I just wanted to let you know that your photography is beautiful, bold and inspiring, and the image we now have on our wall is admired by all who see it. More than that for us, it is a piece that actually means something for us, being that it is related to somewhere we are passionate about.
Keep up the fantastic work, we look forward to adding to our collection!
Liz young

Evening on Higger Tor

Please to have met you on Higger Tor last night - it was an interesting and useful conversation.
I have just browsed your website and I must say you have an excellent portfolio of photographs. I am particularly pleased to see your panoramic shots - the Peaks, and the gritstone edges in particular, are ideal for this type of photographic treatment but I haven't seen much around until now.
Keep up the good work, I have bookmarked your website and will visit regularly.
Mark Naylor

your exhibition

Hi Stephen, we met earlier today at the exhibition in Castleton. Your tips on printing my pics have really got me thinking and I will definitely pursue asking some local shops if they would sell some cards for me. your site is very impressive by the way.
Ailsa Birchenough


Although I have bought a couple of your photos as presents for family from Philip in Hathersage, I have only just found your website and think it is marvellous. The walls of our home are full of paintings/photos, but I look forward to ordering cards & photos.
(Dr) Terry Pratt

Your photos

Hi Stephen, I have been a keen photographer for a couple of years and my interests are mainly landscapes. I live in Derby and so the Peak District is one of my favourite place but I love the Lakes too.

I found some of your prints in the Chatsworth Garden Centre today and made a note of your email address. Just wanted to say that I really like your landscapes. Your eye for composition and your processing techniques give a really well balanced blend between photo/painting styles.

Hathersage image

Hi there,
I live in New Zealand now but my husband is from Hathersage just above Mitchell Fields down in the dale. His grandnother was born at Higger Tor. Your photos are really lovely and they make me feel real homesick!!! Kindest Thanks,
Anne Elliott


Hi Stephen,

I have just found your site through Living Art and am really impressed with your work.

We are a Sheffield based triathlon kit manufacturer ( and we are just about to revamp our website. The homepage of the new site is going to feature a large Peak District based photo as this characterises our roots (many of our products are named after local places).

We would love to launch with one of your shots (early morning at Higger Tor) & I would like to ask if it would be possible to use this shot as a digital image. We run over Higger Tor almost daily and our award winning socks have all been tested there.

- we really like the idea of working with a local artist.

Kind Regards
Julian Lewis


Hi Stephen,

Just recently come across your photography whilst searching in Google. It was a real treat to see all the places I love to visit photographed so beautifully. Absolutely fantastic! I live in South Sheffield close to the Peak District and regularly walk around Burbage and Derwent. I also visit the Lake District quite a lot.

I've been looking through all your photographs and I just think they're wonderful - really atmospheric and because the subject matter is so close to home it makes them even more special. I'm going to have a good browse through again and select some prints I'd really like.

Best wishes
Steve Glossop

Love the website Stephen some cracking pictures.
Dave Threlfall


Hi Stephen,

About your scenics: all I can say is, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What lush colors and beautiful scenery! You lucky guy!

Best regards,
Leonard Auslender

Your Images

Dear Steve:
After clicking on your website, I was immediately drawn to your STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL images of your area. It really makes me want to visit the Peak District!
Thank you!

Cheers and all the best!
Alex Galimov


Hi Stephen
The website looks good and the photos are beautiful.
Kath Birkinshaw

Hi Stephen

Just looked at your site and your images are superb! gives me real inspiration to do better.